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How Green is Hong Kong?
Air Pollution vs Organic Products

One metropolis, yet two different worlds: Hong Kong’s western-orientated citizens pay attention to a healthy...
17.06.2014 · Travel

World’s First Island with 100% Green Energy:
Spain’s El Hierro aims for Total Self-Sufficiency

The smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands is about to become famous within the renewable energy sector by becoming the...
27.05.2014 · Travel

Singapore’s Garden Hotel
The PARKROYAL on Pickering | The future of hospitality

Green Hospitality is an upcoming trend and makes sense from a business perspective. Learn how the PARKROYAL on...
11.05.2014 · Travel

The Garden City Airport: Singapore’s Changi Airport
The World’s Best Airport 2014

Green and comfortable air traveling starts way before the plane takes off. Singapore’s Changi Airport has been...
27.04.2014 · Travel

Lanserhof Tegernsee
When Science Meets Natural Healing Medicine

The Lanserhof follows a concept that normally other health institutions would disapprove of. It combines university...
21.11.2013 · Travel

NH Hoteles Switch to LED Lamps
NH Hoteles Collaborates with Philips in Mission to Save Energy

The hotel company NH Hotels has lowered its lighting energy by 80%. They achieved this goal in a mission to save energy...
10.10.2013 · Travel

Mobility: Will Railroad Development in the US Bring More High-Speed Rails?

Trains in the US are mostly used for transporting goods, not people. A new map depicting a potential high-speed rail...
28.02.2013 · Travel

Travel: Vienna’s Green Spaces and Sustainable Businesses Contribute to Quality of Life

According to the Mercer 2012 Quality of Living Survey, Vienna has the highest quality of life in the world. Vienna’s...
08.02.2013 · Travel

Travel: Amsterdam’s Green Transport and Climate Street Set Standards

The Green City Amsterdam was ranked 5th by the European Green City Index for its superior environmental performance,...
01.02.2013 · Travel

Traveling Through Eco-Friendly Netherlands

It is not too surprising that The Netherlands, a country known for tulips and windmills is committed to the...
27.01.2013 · Travel

Austria’s Sustainable Successes and Setbacks

2012 was a good year for Austria’s green reputation. The country ranked 7th in Yale’s Environmental Performance...
04.01.2013 · Travel

Finland: White, Blue…Green?

Finland’s white and blue flag symbolizes snow and water, but the country is also making a name for itself in the...
20.12.2012 · Travel