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Free Trade Agreement TAFTA between U.S. and E.U.
Joint Economic Region with Green Prospects?

This week, the United States and the European Union are negotiating the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)....
22.12.2013 · Trade

Mobility: Italians Buy More Bikes than Cars in Face of Economic Hardship

Less Fiat and Alfa Romeo and more Bianchi and Olympia will be represented on the streets of Italy this year. Still...
22.06.2013 · Trade

Producers Struggle with EU-USA Organic Agreement

The United States and the European Union have the two largest markets for organic food worldwide. On February 15, 2012,...
10.01.2013 · Trade

India’s Growing Organic Market

Chances are you have seen organic products from India on the shelves of your favorite organic food store. Tea, coffee,...
27.11.2012 · Trade

Chinese City Shenzhen Expanding Organic Offering

The international market for organics continues to grow, even in countries not traditionally associated with...
20.10.2012 · Trade