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Nike Better World
“From Plastic to Performance”

Sport goods manufacturer Nike has introduced a new discipline with Nike Better World, namely recycling for athletes and...
25.04.2014 · Technology

Environmentally Friendly Printer
Ready to Recycle Your Printer?

Technology giant Toshiba recently presented a printer that reuses paper. Here’s to the more sustainability and the...
19.04.2014 · Technology

Eco-Tourism with comfortable Caravan
Super Portable Caravan for Countryside Vacations

The Dutch are famous for using caravans for their summer vacations. It’s no wonder a Dutch design studio is...
20.03.2014 · Technology

Urban Farming with Chickens
Innovative Chicken Cabinet Eases Urban Farming

With the urban farming trend becoming increasingly more popular, urban dwellers are constantly looking for sustainable...
18.03.2014 · Technology

Knitted Soccer Cleats Adidas Samba Primeknit
When Knitting meets the Grass

Leather soccer cleats are totally yesterday. The Adidas Samba Primeknit represents the first ever knitted soccer shoe...
16.03.2014 · Technology

Sprout Pencil: Plant, Grow, Water
If the Pencil goes to Basil Pencil

Pencils are more commonly used for writing. The Sprout Pencil too, but it can do more. If you plant the Sprout Pencil,...
14.03.2014 · Technology

Bicycle Trends of 2014
Trendy and Fun Riding in 2014

Bike season can commence. With these bicycles, both city and mountain riding become trendy and fun.
04.03.2014 · Technology

WEWOOD - Stylish Watches made of Industrial Wood Waste
Custom Colors thanks to Tropical Timber

Flashy watches are out of date. The timeless and natural watches from watch brand WEWOOD are not only stylish and fit...
02.03.2014 · Technology

Dosh Magic Wallet
Vegan Wallet with a Magic Trick

Sustainable, stylish and impressive is what the Australian accessory brand dosh promises to be. Their products are made...
23.02.2014 · Technology

PAPACKS: The New Reverse Vending System of the Future?
Good Times for Bottles and Cans

Plastic garbage is always a hot topic. And it‘s getting old. A new plastic bag tax is still being discussed today....
15.02.2014 · Technology

The House of Marley
Sustainable Soundtracks of Bob Marley

Reggae is for many people more than just a music genre- it‘s a lifestyle. Bob Marley and his family have inspired...
11.02.2014 · Technology

Accessories Made of Rhubarb Leather by deepmello
Starting 2014 with Sustainable Fashion

It is now 2014 and the holidays are over. There is no better way to start the new year with some stylish accessories....
07.01.2014 · Technology