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Better Safe than Sorry: California Native Building Tsunami-Proof
Tsunamiball in Back Yard

Although he lives in tsunami-free Palo Alto, California, designer Chris Robinson is determined to make a tsunami-proof...
06.04.2014 · Science/Research

Solar Energy with Spherical Solar Collectors
A Look in the Crystal Ball: Generate Energy with Moonlight

According to start-up Rawlemon, solar collectors can start in a new era. This is what happens when round solar...
25.02.2014 · Science/Research

Brazilian Organic Sales Rising

In Brazil, more and more organic products are being offered on the market for consumers. Though the selection is still...
20.10.2012 · Science/Research

US Organic Aquaculture Remains Fishy

Though Americans are certainly amongst the highest consumers of organic products worldwide, there remains no national...
20.10.2012 · Science/Research