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Intelligent Suspended Staircase
Storage, Comfort, Style and Safety in one Staircase

Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer has been experimenting with multifunctional staircases. They have successfully...
02.05.2014 · Lifestyle

Cigarettes without Additives
Additive-Free, Healthier Haze?

Tobacco manufacturers are advertising with “additive-free cigarettes.” However, experts are skeptical about the...
30.04.2014 · Lifestyle

MATERIA PRIMA – (Almost) Every Piece of Jewelry is One of a Kind
Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings made of Fair-Trade Silver and Gold

MATERIA PRIMA offers timeless jewelry in both neoclassic and Biedermeier styles. Classic craftsmanship is used to turn...
02.02.2014 · Lifestyle

Sustainable Headphones
This is what Sustainability Sounds Like

Pleasure for your ears and the environment: sustainability has been a priority for music lovers for a while now. House...
31.01.2014 · Lifestyle

Living Animals as Key Chains
Animal Cruelty a Fashion Accessory?

A new Chinese so-called Fashion trend is shocking animal activists from all over the world. Small water animals are...
31.10.2013 · Lifestyle

Sustainable Bicycle
Wooden Bike Sets For Sale

Cycling is one the most eco-friendly ways to move from one point to another. The bike you cycle, however, can be itself...
27.10.2013 · Lifestyle

Apps and Computer Applications for Sharing Goods and Services
Sharing is Better than Owning

First, the exchange of information came, then goods and services and finally meeting new people via social media...
18.10.2013 · Lifestyle

The Myth of Choice: How Junk Food Marketers Target Our Kids
Newly Released Short Film Highlights Food Marketing

America’s problem with obesity and related diseases is not new. However, while most people think the cause of this...
10.10.2013 · Lifestyle

Sustainable Dog Accessories
Green Fashion for Colorful Dogs

Sustainability and environmental awareness of pet owners do not end at their animals. Sustainable accessories for dogs...
30.09.2013 · Lifestyle

Wellness and I: Get a Safe Tan with Organic Self-Tanning Products

It is old news that there is no such thing as a healthy tan—at least, not if the sun or tanning beds are involved....
23.05.2013 · Lifestyle

Products and Trends: Best Green Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, so there is not much time left to find the perfect gift. If you are still looking,...
10.05.2013 · Lifestyle