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Wine and Christmas: Which wine fits to which Christmas dinner?
Interview with Jean-Claude Mas – Paul Mas Winery

Even if there are 2 weeks left until Christmas we have already started to ask ourselves about how to make that special...
11.12.2015 · Food and Drink

Alternative Cooling Systems in Supermarkets
Apples Stored Underground and not on Shelves?

The British supermarket chain Asda will soon be storing tons of thousands of apples in underground compartments near...
26.06.2014 · Food and Drink

Genetically Modified Bananas for Africa
Bill Gates Backs GMO Bananas to Fight Hunger

A group of volunteers in the U.S. is about to eat genetically modified bananas for six weeks, which will then be sent...
24.06.2014 · Food and Drink

Eggs in Ready-Made Products from the Supermarket
Which Type of Eggs are Used in Noodles, Cookies, etc.?

In supermarkets, trays of eggs are labelled according to their origin. In ready-made products, however, the origin of...
20.06.2014 · Food and Drink

Cocktail Trend “Garden Drinks”
From Cherry Cocktails to Vegetables in a Cocktail Glass

Adieu, Sex on the Beach and Caipirinha! Are you feeling adventurous and want to try a cocktail with an alternative...
07.06.2014 · Food and Drink

Waste-free Supermarket Startup Original Unverpackt
Drop the Packaging, Consume Sexy

A supermarket without any waste produced from packaging: This vision could soon become a reality as Germany embarks on...
29.05.2014 · Food and Drink

Summer Time is Ice-Cream Time!
Ice Ice Baby!

The sun is shining and scoops are being served. Yet those who think ice cream is merely ice cream have been clearly...
24.05.2014 · Food and Drink

Going Raw!
The Living Foods Movement

Linda Loo is the Asian Ambassador of the Living Foods (Raw Foods) Movement in Singapore talking about how her diet has...
18.05.2014 · Food and Drink

Vegan Butcher Bio-Spahn Vegan in Frankfurt am Main
Going Vegan: A Serving of Ground Meat or Meatless Ground Meat?

Vegans and meat: what has long seemed like two worlds will become one after the opening of the first vegan butcher in...
17.05.2014 · Food and Drink

Vegan Alternatives to Milk, Eggs, and Co.
Baking without Mumbling and Grumbling

Muffins, chocolate cake and apple strudel – just the thought of these foods will make your mouth water. For vegans...
14.05.2014 · Food and Drink

Whole Foods Market: Going Beyond the Organic Logo
Benchmark for Organic Food

Everybody knows Whole Food Market. With over 370 stores located throughout the US, Canada and the UK, Whole Foods...
23.04.2014 · Food and Drink

Zero Carbon Food: Underground Vegetable
Farming in London’s Underground Tunnels

By utilizing London’s empty underground spaces, commercial venture Zero Carbon Food is growing food in a sustainable...
09.04.2014 · Food and Drink