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Wind Energy in the US on the Rise:
Capacitance Doubled since 2008

Within four years, or in other words, the first term of office of US president Obama, wind power stations have doubled....
20.08.2013 · Energy

Department of Energy Study Relieves Fracking
Controversial Extraction Method Could Be Harmless

A study on development areas in western Pennsylvania detected no hints of chemically contaminated groundwater....
26.07.2013 · Energy

EPA Updates Required Qualifications for Energy Star
Appliances Now More Current-Saving

In order to lower the electricity consumption in the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has raised its...
14.07.2013 · Energy

Policies for Solar Power Differ Widely
Not Every State is a Sunshine State

The amount of electricity generated from renewable energy in the U.S. has risen quickly in the last few years....
29.06.2013 · Energy

Home and Garden: Buy Energy-Efficient Windows to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption

Summer is officially here, but that does not mean you have to start paying more on energy bills. Save money (and the...
21.06.2013 · Energy

Energy: Floating Wind Turbines Expand Energy Opportunities in the U.S.

When it comes to offshore wind power, the U.S. leagues behind Europe and Asia. Floating wind turbines may help the...
11.06.2013 · Energy

Energy: Hornets Producing Solar Power (and Other Weird Alternative Energy Sources)

The oriental hornet shows that scientific advancement can come from unexpected places. We know the world needs...
16.05.2013 · Energy

Energy: New Building in Hamburg Runs on “Algae Power”

Make room, solar power—there’s a new renewable energy source in town. The BIQ House is an apartment complex in...
18.04.2013 · Energy

Mobility: How Global Warming Will Affect Flying

The impact of climate change is far reaching, causing extreme storms, putting some species at risk of extinction,...
16.04.2013 · Energy

Energy: Booming Natural Gas Production Fuels Debate on the Pros and Cons of Natural Gas

Supporters of natural gas are promoting it as an affordable clean energy solution. What exactly is natural gas, and is...
13.04.2013 · Energy

Energy: EU Carbon Emissions Dropped in 2012

For the second year in a row, the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) has proven effective, as preliminary data shows...
07.04.2013 · Energy

Energy: Is Obama a Green President? A Look at Clean Energy and Other Environmental Issues

The question “How green is Obama?” has been asked since the beginning of Obama’s first term. While it is true...
17.03.2013 · Energy