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Beech Wood – A New Building Material Discovered
Back to the Roots – Wood beats Concrete

Beech wood, as a building material for wind turbines, skyscrapers, and parking garages, is making a comeback. An old...
10.06.2014 · Construction

Water From a Stone – Stylish Watering for Indoor Plants
The Stone for Green Thumbs

Indoor plants stay green year-round; yet taking vacations puts the plants to the test. With Water From a Stone indoor...
03.04.2014 · Construction

Sustainable Family Day
Welcome to Family Sustainability

Living sustainably in families is sometimes a challenge. With a few small tips and tricks, your day will become a bit...
13.02.2014 · Construction

Luxurious Green Living:
Eco-Friendly Luxury Homes a Popular Trend

If you want to live in an eco-friendly home but still do not want to miss out on a certain kind of lifestyle you will...
07.09.2013 · Construction

How to Build Your Own Rain Water Tank
An Industrial Container and Recycling Material are Enough

Instead of using faucet water, it is more favorable and eco-friendly to use rainwater for watering. Without great...
30.07.2013 · Construction

Home and Garden: BOLON Flooring Offers Stylish and Sustainable Flooring Options

BOLON flooring is the brainchild of the Sweden-based design company VIIR. BOLON’s green product line stands out for...
01.05.2013 · Construction