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Green Fashion in Singapore
Interview with Sarah Tan from Cosset

The fashion week Singapore focused predominantly on young design talents in Singapore among which Max Tan, Islean...
09.04.2014 · Clothing/Fashion

OGNX Yoga Fashion – Organic, Lavish, Sustainable, Extra Stylish
“From Yogis with Love”

Yoga is a true benefit for body and soul. In order to look great during yoga, OGNX provides the perfect yoga fashion.
07.03.2014 · Clothing/Fashion

Green Fashion Week: A Catwalk full of Sustainability
A Catwalk full of Sustainability

The Berlin Fashion Week is well under way with New York, Paris, London and Milan to follow. This is how sustainable...
19.01.2014 · Clothing/Fashion

Sustainable Fashion
Cashmere keeps your conscience clean

A rather long winter is in front of us. And while we are freezing in the cold, some of us might remember their mothers,...
06.12.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

Vegan Shoes
Vegan Shoes

If you thought that your love for animals and your love for fashion literally don‘t go with one another, you will now...
25.10.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

Eco-Fashion at New York Fashion Week
Green is the new black

It‘s Fashion Week time again and from 5th until 12th of september, thousands of people will visit New York City to...
09.09.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

New Zealand Gets Its First Eco Fashion Show
Up to 12 Designers Present Their Collection in Wellington

On September 21st New Zealand's capitol Wellington will be hosting the first NZ runway show for ecological,...
22.08.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

Lease Jeans from Mud Jeans
Stop Wasting with Leased Jeans

The Dutch jeans label Mud fights with an exceptional principle for the recycling of jeans: rent instead of buy. Here is...
05.08.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

Eco-Friendly Umbrellas are Rain and Sun-Resistant
sustainable Protection in all Weather

Especially in hot summer months, weather can switch completely from a cloud-free sky to a torrential shower. With the...
07.07.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

Fashion: Discover Eco Fashion at Berlin Fashion Week, Summer 2013

Berlin Fashion Week will be held this summer from July 2-7. With numerous events focused on eco fashion, this is a...
23.06.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

Fashion: Get Your Eco Sunglasses for Summer

The summer sun means you need to protect your eyes, but of course sunglasses can make a fashion statement too. Here are...
01.06.2013 · Clothing/Fashion

Fashion: Eco-Friendly Gym Clothes

“No pain, no gain” might apply at your gym, but working out doesn’t have to be hard on the environment too....
12.05.2013 · Clothing/Fashion