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EU Commission plans to Tighten Organic Standards
Stricter Guidelines for Organic Farmers receive Criticism

At the end of March, the EU Commission decided to tighten the legal guidelines for organic farming. The goal is to gain...
05.06.2014 · Agriculture

Solidarity through Community Supported Agriculture in Germany
A Flat Rate for Produce and a Clear Conscience

Financing not only the single potato, but the whole farmland – Producers and consumers join hands through the...
21.05.2014 · Agriculture

Cities of the Future: Back to the roots
Urban Agriculture for Mega Cities

Cities are growing, the population is increasing and the need for food is ubiquitous. In times like these, innovative...
08.11.2013 · Agriculture

Energy: Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Produce Affordable Solar Water Pumps for Poor Farmers

The SunWater solar water pump could help poor farmers in developing countries get themselves out of poverty by...
28.05.2013 · Agriculture

Ambitious Eco-Action Plan in Denmark

Denmark has always helped lead the way towards an environmentally friendly approach of life. Now, a new initiative...
21.10.2012 · Agriculture