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Organic Cosmetics Based on Medical Plants Satisfy Your Skin

When it comes to products you use for your skin, reliability is one of the most important factors.
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Rudolf Hauschka’s Idea

The brand Dr. Hauschka sells organic cosmetic products that are based on 150 medical plants. The plants are grown in their own 4.5-hectare garden that is conducted in a biologically dynamic manner. Since 1967, the manufacturer of the Dr. Hauschka products is the Wala Drug GmbH, founded in 1935. The idea of natural medicine without conserving alcohol came from the chemist Rudolf Hauschka, who quickly started thinking about a natural cosmetic line. With the help of Elisabeth Sigmund, he finally developed the chemical basis for the products that were able to function without artificial emulsifiers. They began by creating scent mixes with organic and essential oils

From Facial Cream to Birch Oil

We have focused on a facial tonic, an eye cream, a cleanser, the facial cream Melissa and the birch arnica oil. The facial tonic is supposed to be a regulating basic facial care, while the eye cream moistures the skin and straightens it. The cleanser allegedly revives and cleans the skin while the facial cream Melissa balances it out. Finally, the oil is supposed to vitalize the body especially during physical activates.  

Cleanser as Basic Care

To optimize your skin care, you have to start off by thoroughly cleaning your face. This is even better when the used products smell delightful, just as the Dr. Hauschka cleanser does. In terms of layout and design of the packing as well as the skin-friendliness, Dr. Hauschka scores high points. However, the amount of cleanser you have to use to treat your skin is difficult to decide, which makes it hard to estimate the usage in relation to the price of the product, since the cleanser by Dr. Hauschka costs 11 Euros. 

Facial Tonic Revives the Skin

The facial tonic promises a regulating effect on infected skin parts, while the combination of kidney-vetch, marigold and nasturtium works against an excessive production of suet. The product scores high again with its pleasant smell and skin-friendliness, and this time even the terms of use. The facial tonic is definitely worth its 20 Euros.

Eye Cream is a Must-Have

When you are finished cleaning your skin, you can focus on eye and facial creams. Many people still think they don‘t have to use a special cream for their eyes, but that is wrong. Especially the skin parts around your eyes are very thin and sensitive and need a special care. The Dr. Hauschka eye product promises to moisture and straighten the skin close to your eyes. While the straightening effect is rather hard to judge, it truly moisturizes the skin. 

Facial Cream Melissa Pampers the Skin 

After taking care of our eyes, we can now move on to the whole face. The facial cream Melissa costs 18.50 Euros and its pleasant aroma makes it worth the purchase. The skin-friendliness, the matting effect and the easy usage are definitely big cons of the facial cream. Even the design of the cream packaging scores high in our books.

Birch and Arnica Vitalize the Body and Mind

Finally, we have come to the whole body. The body oil birch arnica by Dr. Hauschka smells like mint and lemon and moisturizes the skin with jojoba oil. Furthermore, it activates the metabolism of the skin and blood circulation. Especially during physical activity, the joints and muscles of your body are under a lot of pressure. The body oil warms the tense muscles and joints. Even though the smell needs a little time to get used to, you really don‘t need a lot of oil to rub your whole body. However, while it does warm the skin and leaves a comfortable feeling, it probably won‘t help with sore muscles. 

In the end, Dr. Hauschka’s organic, plant-based cosmetic products lead to a great skin-friendliness and a fair value for your money. 

Facial cream, exhilarant cleaning basic care, 1.0.oz for 39.95 $ at Dr. Hauschka

Facial tonic regulating basic care, 3.4 fl oz for 34.95 $ at  Dr. Hauschka

Facial cream Melissa, balancing matting day care, 1.0 oz for 39.95 $ at Dr. Hauschka

Straightening and moisturizing eye cream, 0,38 fl oz for 51.95 $ at Dr. Hauschka 

Birch arnica body oil, vitalizing during physical activity, 2.5 fl oz for 28.95 $ at Dr. Hauschka



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