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If luxury natural cosmetics bestows enlightenment

The luxurious cosmetic brand Bodhi from the United Kingdom promises natural products with a relaxing effect and exclusive wellness at home.
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High Expectations from Bodhi

If you consider the name of the British cosmetics company literally, they have set themselves a high goal, since the Buddhist word Bodhi means enlightenment and awakening. Due to included traditional elixirs and high-quality herbal oil, the cosmetic products not only promise to make men look fresher and relaxed but also have a therapeutic effect. Furthermore, the organic products of Bodhi do not contain any synthetic colorants and flavors and are not tested on animals. 

Face Care: Spa Ambiance in Your Bathroom

If you are looking for an extensive supply of moisture for your skin, try Bodhi Rosemary Chi Reviving Body Moisturiser. This moisturizer is especially made for men that have an extremely stressful everyday lifestyle. Including rosemary, geranium and cedar oil, this cream soaks in very fast and leaves a soft and relaxed feeling on your skin. Also, due to the absence of artificial ingredients, the Bodhi products have very high skin compatibility. 

Facial Oil: One Drop is Enough to Revitalize Your Whole Face

Tightening, vitalizing and regenerating, the Bodhi Neroli Lucé Revitalising Face Oil supplies your skin with important vitamins. One drop is enough to revitalize your whole face. Even if the cream seems a little greasy at first, it soaks in fast just like the body moisturizer and leaves a soft and comfortable feeling while smelling like Mediterranean orange blossoms. 

Sustainable Shower for Body, Soul and Environment 

The Bodhi Rosemary Chi Reviving Bath & Shower Therapy stimulates your senses and harmonizes your body and soul even after an energy-sapping day of work. The bath and shower therapy comes in seven different variations, all including rosemary, geranium and cedar oil. Especially eye-catching are the packages of the products, which are made of 100% recycled and decolored paper. Even if the prices seem high at around 30€, the Bodhi products are good for your body, your soul and even the environment. 


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