Established by the Israel Bio Organic Agricultural Association (IBOAA), Agrior is an organic certification and inspection agency in Israel. With IFOAM certification, Agrior’s organic standards meet international certification standards. In addition to their own standards, Agrior also follows the more

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Agrior LTD

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products and services


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  • International: Europe
  • National: Israel
  • National: USA

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  • Food and Drink

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  • no company assigned

further information

For organic products, any kind of chemical processing is prohibited. At least 95% of the organic products must be certified organic. Products that include GMOs are prohibited and will not be certified as organic. Any fragrance additives or preservatives are also prohibited. Agrior also has strict guidelines for animal welfare. Animals that produce certified organic food must have enough roaming space and access to the natural environment. Moreover, Agrior is developing standards for aquaculture, which includes farming fish, water plants, and shellfish. These standards prohibit synthetic additives, medicine, hormones, and pesticides. In addition, the aquaculture processes are to minimize the impacts on the surrounding environment and enhance natural processes. Measures also need to be taken to reduce plant and animal disease. The organic processes should be carried out pollution-free and organic production needs to be completely separated from non-organic productions.

In order to become certified by Agrior, customers must first submit an application describing what should be certified, and, if necessary, the number of animals. The form must also include the agreement for inspection. After submitting the application with the application fee, Agrior will inspect the application and either require corrective measures or suggest an appointment for an onsite inspection. After the inspection, the application will continue to the Agrior committee which will make final decisions. The committee can approve the application, require corrective actions, or completely reject it. If approved, the customer will receive the right to use the organic logo. Certification must be renewed annually.

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