The organic farming association Naturland was founded in Germany in 1982. Naturland now operates worldwide with over 53,000 members. Naturland has created numerous standards for organic products, including standards for agriculture, aquaculture, beekeeping, textiles, cosmetics, and Fair Trade. more

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Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture

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The Naturland certification criteria vary depending on the product type. Naturland criteria often exceed EU requirements, and even cover areas that the EU requirements leave out. Naturland's criteria for agricultural production include the following:-farms must be 100% organic-no synthetic chemical fertilizers or easily soluble mineral fertilizers-natural plant protection methods instead of synthetic chemical pesticides-soil fertility and water quality must be maintained-animals must be given a living environment that is appropriate for their species, which includes adequate space to move, comfortable temperatures, fresh air, good hygiene, access to pasture, etc.-no genetic engineering-farms must comply with social standards, such as compliance with labor laws, no forced labor or child labor, freedom of association, no discrimination, safe working environments, fair wages, etc.-all products must be able to be traced back to the farm where they were produced-products must contain 95% organic ingredients-only 21 additives are allowed, compared to 48 additives allowed by the EUFarms interested in Naturland certification must complete a questionnaire and undergo inspection by an independent inspection body. The Naturland certification committee reviews the questionnaire and the inspection report to determine whether the farm meets the certification criteria. Certified farms may use the Naturland trademark after successfully completing the two-year conversion period.

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