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The Green Electricity Label (original German: "das Grüner Strom-Label") certifies electricity products-- not the electricity providers themselves-- that meet specific ecological criteria. The label was started in 1998 by numerous non-profit organizations. As of 2012, over 100 electricity more

who assignes the label?

Grüner Strom Label e.V.

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products and services


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  • National: Germany

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  • Energy and Environment

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  • no company assigned

further information

The certified Green Electricity comes from renewable energy sources, such as solar, biomass, hydro power, wind energy, sewage gas or geothermal hot-pools. To be awarded with the Green Electricity Label the electricity provider must also invest a certain amount per kilowatt hour in the continued development of renewable energy sources. Companies involved in nuclear power cannot receive the label. Companies that offer electricity certified with the Green Electricity Label must properly document their data and have this data reviewed every two years by the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg. If the company is in compliance with the Green Electricity Label requirements, it may continue to use the label.

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