TourCert is a nonprofit organization that awards a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) label to tour providers and travel agencies that demonstrate sustainable business practices. As of 2012, 55 tour operators and 8 travel agencies have been awarded the seal. The seal's criteria were developed by ...read more

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To be certified with the CSR seal, a company must complete the following steps:-publish a CSR report that provides a description of the company and its business practices. This report must explain the company's sustainability policy, environmental impact (for example, the energy, electricity, water, and paper consumption of its locations, CO2 emissions per guest per day, etc.), employee base (including minority representation and gender equality), and so on.-develop an improvement program with sustainability goalsTour operators and travel agencies certified with the CSR-tourism-certified seal are expected to do the following:-plan ecofriendly transportation to and from the vacation spots. Air travel is only permissible for very long distances and trips that last many days.-choose ecofriendly accommodation-give preference to travel destinations where the environment and human rights are respected-ensure the local people are benefitting from the tourism industry-charge the tourist adequate fees to ensure the tourism workers receive fair wagesThe company's CSR report is evaluated by an independent external auditor based on CSR certification guidelines. The auditor will also visit the company's office to verify the information provided in the report. The certification council then review's the auditor's report and decides whether to award the company the CSR-certified label.

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