Blaue Schwalbe


The "Blaue Schwalbe" ("blue swallow") is a certification that has been awarded to environmentally friendly tourist accommodation providers since 1990. The certification is awarded by VERTRÄGLICH REISEN, which also publishes a yearly magazine offering advice regarding ecofriendly more

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fairkehr GmbH

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Blaue Schwalbe criteria include the following:-food and drinks should use seasonal and regional ingredients when possible-at least one whole food meal should be offered-the location must be reachable by public transportation-measures must be taken to reduce energy and water consumption-waste must be sorted and recycled-cleaning supplies should be biodegradable-gardens should not use artificial fertilizers or pesticidesTourist accommodation providers who would like to be certified must provide VERTRÄGLICH REISEN with a self-assessment. After agreeing to commit to the organization's requirements, their businesses are added to VERTRÄGLICH REISEN's directory of environmentally friendly tourism options. Although VERTRÄGLICH REISEN may conduct onsite inspections, the organization relies on feedback from guests to ensure the accommodations meet the Blaue Schwalbe criteria.

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