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COSMEBIO is an association of professionals in the cosmetic industry that was formed in 2002 in hopes of creating a universal charter for organic cosmetics. COSMEBIO has over 200 members worldwide, including companies in Europe, Japan, the United States, and elsewhere. COSMEBIO uses two labels to more

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The COSMEBIO Charter consists of the following principles:-products made from natural ingredients produced primarily by organic farming-no use of ingredients that are potentially harmful to human health or to the environment-products must be subjected to quality control inspections by an independent testing institute-information on the product must be easily understandable to consumersTo bear the Cosmetique Bio label, products must consist of at least 95% natural or naturally-derived ingredients. 95% of the product's plant-based ingredients must be organically cultivated.To ensure the association's principles are upheld, COSMEBIO has approved two certification agencies-- Ecocert and Qualité France. Companies that wish to use the Cosmetique Bio label must be certified by one of these agencies.

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