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The "green dot" symbol was developed in Germany in 1990 in response to the German packaging ordinance, which requires that product manufacturers collect their used packaging for recycling. In a dual system, private companies collect this product packaging while local waste collection more

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Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH

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The "green dot" is not an environmental label. It does not guarantee that the product packaging is recyclable or environmentally friendly. The symbol only means that the manufacturer paid the necessary fee to and that the packaging can be put in the special waste bin.To have their product packaging labeled with the "green dot", manufacturers must pay DSD a fee. This fee is higher or lower depending on the type and amount of packaging material used. Consumers should then see the "green dot" on the product packaging and put these products in special waste bins. DSD then hires local collection agencies to collect and recycle the packaging deposited in these bins.

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